flux-rates and extending
the life of membranes

Experience has shown us that the product is effective between
1 per cent and 10 per cent dilution, depending on severity of fouling.

The membranes will need to be cleaned off-line. According to your specific membranes and set-up, ensure that the solution of Memprotech-A100™ comes into contact with the contaminated surface of the membranes.

Circulation times vary depending on the degree and type of fouling.

The products work best between temperatures of 20 – 40 degrees Celsius.

Disinfectants/biocides should be kept away from the product.

Flux rates returning to efficiency indicates that the cleaning process is complete.

If unsure of best method of application call us on +44 1202 823699 and ask for the technical department.


Where serial cleaning of a bank of membranes is required, use a 10 per cent solution. This is so that you can use just one dose to clean all the banks, rather than continually adding more solution - i.e. operational convenience.

This is possible because Memprotech-A100™ will not damage the membranes even at a 10 per cent solution.


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