flux-rates and extending
the life of membranes


Thank you for taking time to find out more about Memprotech™, the new approach to enzymatic cleaning of membranes.

The following pages provide an overview of the system and the benefits it can offer. For further information on Memprotech™, please don’t hesitate to call and speak to us in person.

The use of Memprotech-A100™ for the cleaning of membranes provides the following benefits:

Restores flux rates quickly and effectively back up to high efficiency
Protects the membranes as our products do not contain any harsh chemicals
The mild nature of the products allows for regular use, thus helping to maintain high flux rates
Biodegradable therefore do not require separate and costly disposal
No detrimental effects on the membranes have been seen even after five years of regular use
Prevents silica residue build-up from chlorine and thus protects from bio-fouling
Protects RO Membranes from damaging effects of Chlorine and Hypochlorite
Contributes to the effectiveness of a bio-mass reactor through anti-viral activity.
Can be used and re-used for the serial cleaning of multiple membrane vessels
Eases the removal of colloids and particulates by the elimination of cementing compounds.

Our Memprotech™ products are in use on cruise ships and naval vessels (cleared by department of naval medicine for use on Type-42 Destroyers).

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